The EU GSA consortium

Since September 2016, we offer DNA genotyping using the Infinium Global Screening Array. Illumina has approached us to coordinate the European genotyping efforts and to run the analyses. For this, a large European consortium has been put together in w hich more than 1,000,000 samples, of which the vast majority are from Europe, have already been genotyped. You can participate in the consortium and let your samples be genotyped with the Infinium Global Screening Array.



The GOALL project

In 2019 the Board of Directors endorsed the Genotyping on ALL patients (GOALL) project as a strategic goal within Erasmus MC. The project delivers tools, pipelines, and structures for using genetic information in the clinic such as polygenetic risk scores, Mendelian mutation panels, and pharmacogenetics. HuGe F is involved in the GOALL project by performing DNA extraction, genotyping and delivering the data after clinical QC and imputation.



Large Dutch cohort studies: Generation R and the Rotterdam Study

The Human Genomics Facility closely collaborates with the large Dutch cohort studies Generation R and ERGO. ERGO, or 'The Rotterdam Study', is a prospective cohort study on risk factors and determinants of chronic diseases in middle aged and elderly persons. The study started in 1990. The Generation R Study is a prospective cohort study from fetal life until young adulthood in a multi ethnic urban population, which has started in 2001.