HUGE-F provides a variety of options for researchers who are considering genotyping or variant typing projects. Depending on the specific project, we provide solutions requiring services aimed at determining a low to mid-plexity of SNPs over many samples to SNP discovery on a genome-wide level. Scientific goals may overlap across platforms, and we therefore encourage our customers to contact us at an early stage to discuss the details of their project.


We offer variant typing options for:


 -- SNPs

 -- CNVs

 -- telomere length

 -- mitochondrial copy number

 -- diagnostic purposes (according to ISO methods)


The diverse platforms available for genotyping include:

 -- Taqman

 -- Agena Bioscience iPLEX

 -- ABI GeneMapper

 -- Illumina Infinium SNP array technology

 -- custom iSelect

 -- SNP and CNV analysis using Illumina next-generation sequencing

 -- Custom panels are also available for several platforms




Global Screening Array

Since September 2016, we offer DNA genotyping using the Infinium® Global Screening Array. This Illumina array has a very rich up-to-date 700K SNP content and is suitable for GWAS including rare variants, while also containing clinically relevant content.




​--- NEW ---

AFFYMETRIX array services

 -- High throughput genotyping arrays

 -- Attractive pricing



Please contact us for prices and further information.