The Olink proteomics platform can measure a broad range of proteins and can be used from large-scale biomarker discovery to a more targeted approach. At the Genomics core facility of Erasmus MC, we offer both options.


Olink Explore

With Olink Explore 3072, you have access to the entire Olink protein library of about 3000 biomarkers for exploratory proteomics. For more focused projects, you can choose from one or several of the eight Explore 384-plex panels that make up the Explore 3072 library. Genomics offers Explore services for the 384, 1536 and 3072 panels. The available Explore panels are cardiometabolic and cardiometabolic II, inflammation and inflammation 2, neurology and neurology II, and oncology and oncology II.


Olink Target

Olink Target 96 and 48 panels enables targeted protein biomarker discovery. We offer the Target 48 Cytokine Panel, and the Target 96 cardiovascular, immuno-oncology, neurology, oncology, inflammation, and biological process panels. Contrary to the relative results of Explore and Target 96, Target 48 provides absolute measures of your proteins.




For more information, please contact dr. Gaby van Dijk.