For questions concerning the HuGe-F services, contracts and administration please contact our project manager

dr. Gaby van Dijk


For questions concerning general laboratory issues please contact  our chief lab manager Ms. Mila Jhamai or phone +31 10 7043645


Facility coordinator: Prof. dr. Joyce van Meurs or phone +31 10 7038425



Faculty building

Erasmus University Medical Center

Room Ee575

Wytemaweg 80


 3015 CN Rotterdam

The Netherlands



for visits and appointments

contact our assistant Eline van Veen

Phone: +31 (0)10 7043467



information on route descriptions to different parking garages

you can also use the museumpark garage





There currently are no vacancies for jobs or internships, but we kindly invite you to send an open application with motivation and Curriculum Vitae to Eline van Veen: