DNA and/or RNA isolation is the starting point of most genetic and transcriptomic studies. We provide automated DNA and RNA extraction services to researchers around the world. We have extraction protocols from a wide range of starting materials and volumes at competing prices. We can provide advise on how to harvest material in order to preserve quality of the samples.


Typical sample material for DNA extraction services are:

   -- blood (fresh or frozen)

   -- buffy coat

   -- saliva

   -- swab

   -- tissue

   -- urine (human and microbial DNA isolation)

   -- high biomass microbiome samples, such as stool

   -- low biomass microbiome samples, such as skin swabs


Typical sample material for RNA extraction services are:

   -- Blood collected with PAXgene tubes

   -- Frozen tissue


Our extracted DNA and RNA fulfills the highest demands of quality. Procedure include quantification and quality assessment of the isolated material.


To prepare the DNA for downstream applications, additional services are offered:


   -- DNA/RNA concentration measurement

   -- Normalization of DNA/RNA to the desired concentration

   -- Quality assessment with Tapestation

   -- Storage of samples, for more information see Sample management and biobanking



For more information, please contact  dr. Gaby van Dijk.