The Human Genomics Facility (HuGe-F), and the Center for Biomics teamed up to form the new Genomics Core Facility of Erasmus MC. Using the most advanced and innovative genomics technologies, the Genomics Core Facility offers expert services for human genomic research and diagnostics, such as DNA and RNA isolation, array genotyping, bulk and single cell level sequencing, and assistance with bio-informatic analyses.


Part of our services are still offered on the biomics website, but we are working on a joint website.


We are one of Europe’s largest all-round high-throughput genomics facilities, and enable application of all kinds of the most advanced genomic technologies and bio-informatics tools to projects of customers, both inside and outside Erasmus MC. We are closely connected to the Laboratory for Population Genomics, which focusses on research in the field of genetics and genomics of complex traits and common diseases.


Originating from this connection and historic ties therein, we collaborate with the department of Epidemiology, through the Rotterdam Study and Generation R and other research and clinical departments within Erasmus MC.


We encourage our customers to contact us at an early stage to discuss the details of their project, allowing for optimization and quality improvement of the project and the chosen applications and services involved.


HuGe-F offers high quality protein biomarker analysis using Olink Explore 384, 1536 and 3072 panels, as well as Olink Target 96 and 48 panels.  For more information, please contact us.