Global Screening Array Illumina



Since September 2016, we offer DNA genotyping using the Infinium® Global Screening Array. This Illumina array has a very rich up-to-date content and is suitable for GWAS including rare variants, while also containing clinically relevant content. We currently run the GSA MD version 1, and the GSA MD version 2. From November 2019 onwards, the new and updated version, the GSA MD version 3, will be used. The SNPlists of the Infinium® Global Screening Array are openly available. Please use the links below to download the csv file.







Illumina has approached the Human Genomics Facility (HuGe-F) at Erasmus MC, to coordinate the genotyping efforts and to run the analyses. We have put together a large European consortium in which more than 1,000,000 samples will be genotyped.


No need to tell you what a fantastic resource this will be in all of our collaborations!


You can participate in the consortium and let your samples be genotyped with the Infinium® Global Screening Array at the HuGe-F at Erasmus MC. If you have joined the EU GSA consortium and you are planning to send in your samples, please follow the protocol for DNA shipment.


If you are interested and want to know more about the possibilities, please send an email to dr. Gaby van Dijk.


Frequently Asked Questions



The EU GSA consortium is growing. Within the consortium

there are signed contracts for more than 1,000,000 samples, of

which the vast majority are from Europe.



Since the start of the GSA consortium we have genotyped more than 350,000 DNA  samples using the Infinium® Global Screening Array.


New European Consortium formed based on GSA array. Read more.


Illumina announces initial customer orders for the Global Screening Array. See their press release for more information.