Epigenetics is an emerging frontier of science that involves the study of changes in the regulation of gene activity and expression that are not dependent on gene sequence.

Huge-F provides services to measure epigenetic features, such as DNA-methylation and non-coding RNAs using state of the art genotyping and sequencing platforms.

Huge-F supports epigenetic studies by providing help in designing your study and guide preparation of samples and quality control, to study DNA methylation on a genome-wide or smaller scale. We encourage researchers to contact us at an early stage to discuss the details of their project



We offer the following assays for methylation analysis:



The Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip by Illumina (or commonly known as Infinium 450k array) is a cost-effective solution for epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS). The array gives single-base methylation information for over 485.000 CpGs throughout the human genome. It offers a combination of comprehensive, expert-selected coverage, high sample throughput, and affordable price.


The Infinium 450K array covers 99% of RefSeq genes, with an average of 17 CpG sites per gene region distributed across the promoter, 5′UTR, first exon, gene body, and 3′UTR. It covers 96% of CpG islands, with additional coverage in island shores and the regions flanking them.


Highlights of this assay:

 -- Screen >485.000 known methylation sites

 -- Single base resolution

 -- Low DNA input (500 ng genomic DNA)

 -- Short throughput time

 -- Most cost-effective genome-wide DNA methylation technique



The Agena Bioscience's MassaARRAY® EpiTYPER assay® is a targeted technique to measure methylation of a focused number of CpGs. The assay is a bisulfite conversion based method and uses base-specific cleavage and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) to measure methylation of specific CpG sites quantitative. It is a flexible technique and is capable to cover CpGs over a region up to 400 bp per assay.


Highlights of this assay:

 -- Flexible assay design. Capable to design assay for region of interest

 -- CpG site coverage up to 400 bp regions in one assay

 -- single base resolution

 -- Low DNA input





The Illumina methylation-EPIC array has a comprehensive genome-wide coverage of the methylome, featuring:

 -- >95% of CpG islands

 -- sites outside of CpG islands

 -- Non-CpG methylated sites identified in human stem cells

 -- Differentially methylated sites identified in tumor versus normal • FANTOM5 enhancers

 -- ENCODE open chromatin and enhancers

 -- DNase hypersensitive sites

 -- miRNA promoter regions

 -- Suitable for a variety of human tissues



We offer data-analysis services for analyzing epigenetic data.



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